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Offer your visitors a special service or use it for your own projects. The free moon tool and the moon calendar with the current daily data about the moon

Offer your visitors a special service on your homepage and use my free moon tool.
Provide the most important information about the moon and the sun on your homepage. From rising to setting times, graphical moon and sun images and other possibilities are possible.
Every 5 minutes the information is updated on my server and made available to you.

You are also welcome to use my homepage tool for a project. These can be very diverse and there are no limits. An internet access is a prerequisite.

The requirements for this are low and very simple: Include my tool as a picture element in HTML via a special Internet address in your project!

Why is the service free? Is there a catch?

There are many providers for such service offers. Often registrations are necessary and the whole thing is financed with advertising.

Admittedly, such a service produces costs for the development and operation on a server.
I decided in 2012 to build such a service and make it available to everyone for free.

For me transparency and privacy is a very important issue. That's why there are few and transparent usage rules for the tool. You don't need to be afraid: Data will not be shared with third parties like Google and Co. and will remain on my rented server in Germany.

My goal is: permanent availability and further development without costs for you.

Daily usage figures

I would like to give a small impression of how often the service is used on a daily basis. The data was determined from the server logs.

Status: January 9, 2021

Moon tool

Daily retrievals 40.000
Included on Internet pages 737

Lunar calendar

Daily retrievals 4.000
Included on Internet pages 116

Support my project

I welcome all suggestions for improvement and have added new features over the many years thanks to the users.
I am happy if you like my project and use it.

If you like, you are welcome to support me voluntarily. You can find more information at the bottom of the page in the footer.

What do the moon tool and the moon calendar offer?

You can freely design both tools. Choose the one of the many, individual configuration options:

Free choice of text color and background color, with transparent background if desired.

  • Choice of different languages for the display of the current data
  • Current moon phase and Soho sun image from Nasa
  • Rise and set times as well as position in the constellation for the sun
  • Individual selection of the desired moon information (rises and sets, moon phase, moon age, position in the constellation and zodiac sign etc.)
  • Choice of different fonts and font sizes
  • Selection of the time zone and specification of a geographic coordinate

Own headingMore functions and additions are planned in the future. Take a look at the planned functions​​​​​​​

Your desired function is not included? Please feel free to contact me via my contact form

Requirements and terms of use

  • This service is free of charge
  • You may use the service as often as you like on different sites and in your projects
  • The service may be used only for legal projects and websites
  • Set a text link to www.Der-Mond.de according to the following pattern: "From www.Der-Mond.de/".
  • The text link must be placed immediately above or below the service
  • The link must not be provided with a "nofollow"
  • Misuse or non-compliance with the terms of use will lead to exclusion
  • This service can be restricted or discontinued at any time without giving reasons
  • No liability is assumed for any damage caused by the service
  • The use is at your own risk
  • The "Privacy Notice" is accepted by you with the use of the tool

Regardless of this, if you like my project, I would be happy if you would support it with a small donation for its operation and further development via PayPal (external link).

How can I include the moon tool or the moon calendar?

Personally, it has always bothered me that such service offers had to be integrated via Flash, are embedded in an IFrame or require other plug-ins. Often the different versions of the browsers have to be considered here.

I decided from the beginning for another way: The integration via a graphic. This makes using it a breeze and even with ready-made homepage templates it's no longer a problem!

The tool always has the look you have configured.

You have problems with the integration? I have supported other users and also offer you help with the integration. Just use my contact form for that.

In addition, I use the social network of Facebook. If you have a Facebook account, just join the group www.facebook.com/groups/mondtool/. In this group you will get additional information about fixed bugs and new features.

Get started now and create your customized moon tool or moon calendar now!

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