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On May 20, 2012 the moon tool has started its operation and is since then available to everyone for free.
Since the launch, many improvements and new features have been integrated, which can be read in my ChangeLog.

To give you a small impression of the design possibilities, I have created a few small examples with a short description.

If you have any problems, suggestions or help regarding the service, please feel free to use the contact form or the Facebook group set up for this purpose at www.facebook.com/groups/mondtool/.

Requirements and terms of use

  • This service is free of charge
  • You may use the service as often as you like on different sites and in your projects
  • The service may be used only for legal projects and websites
  • Set a text link to www.Der-Mond.de according to the following pattern: "From www.Der-Mond.de/".
  • The text link must be placed immediately above or below the service
  • The link must not be provided with a "nofollow"
  • Misuse or non-compliance with the terms of use will lead to exclusion
  • This service can be restricted or discontinued at any time without giving reasons
  • No liability is assumed for any damage caused by the service
  • The use is at your own risk
  • The "Privacy Notice" is accepted by you with the use of the tool

Regardless of this, if you like my project, I would be happy if you would support it with a small donation for its operation and further development via PayPal (external link).

Step 1: Basic data

You may create a headline of your choice.


Note ! You can only use letters, ciphers, spaces and hyphens for the headline. The maximum length of the headline is 40 characters.

Please choose the language to be used for the Moon-Tool texts
Sprache (Language):

If you find any mistakes (spelling, grammar, statements) in the Moon-Tool graphic, please drop an EMail to Kontakt@Der-Mond.de

Do you want to display the date and calendar week after the heading?

Date and calendar week
no display

Should the Julian date be displayed in addition to the date and weekday?

Julian date
no display

Do you want to see your location & time zone in the footer?

location & time zone
no display

Step 2 – Phase of the Moon graphic

Aktuelle MondphaseYou can specify the display format of the current moonphase´s graphic.

only display graphic of phase of the moon    display the headline "Moon"

left-adjusted display of graphic of phase of the moon. Additional text information will be given below this graphic (portrait format only!)

Step 3 – Information on the Moon

Do you want to see the current times of moonrise and moonset, as well as the current illumination of moon [in %].

display current times of moonrise and moonset

display text describing the moon´s phase tendency (e. g. ‘waning moon’)
display current age of moon [days]
display the current illumination [%]

indicate the constellation where the moon is currently located
   astrological (signs of the zodiac)

Step 4 - Upcoming moon phases

You can choose to see the next four moon phases. Additionally you have the possibility to fade in the time.

Show upcoming moon phases   display associated date

  Example in German:
23.04.2024   23:49 Uhr   Vollmond
01.05.2024   11:27 Uhr   Letztes Viertel
08.05.2024   03:22 Uhr   Neumond
15.05.2024   11:48 Uhr   Erstes Viertel

Step 5 – Current view of Sun by SOHO satellite

Aktuelles SOHO-SonnenbildYou have the choice whether or not to see the current hourly picture of the sun which Moon-Tool obtaines from the SOHO satellite. If you decide that this picture shall not be displayed, the times of sunrise and sunset will be shown instead. In this case we recommend that you select to display the headline „Sun“ instead, as visitors to your homepage will then relate the displayed times of sunrise and sunset to the sun.

display current SOHO picture of the sun    display the headline "Sun"

display left-adjusted sun picture. The current times of sunrise and sunset will be given below this graphic (portrait format only!)

Step 6 - Sunrise / Sunset

Here you specify whether you want to have the current time of sunrise or sunset be displayed.

display times of sunrise and of sunset
   Do not display twilight times
   Civil twilight
   Nautical twilight

indicate the constellation where the sun is currently located
   astrological (signs of the zodiac)

Step 7 – Time Zone / Geographic Location

Please select you time zone here. Note that all times on display in the Moon-Tool will refer to the time zone you select here.

time zonee use daylight-saving-time DST consider

  Please note!
As you select UTC, the respective date (e.g. Sunday, 16th of September.) will be considered as well. The time zone does not have any effect on the Julian date.

Geographic longitude   degrees   minutes  
Geographic latitude    degrees   minutes  

Step 8 - Presentation

Finally you have to decide on the basic graphics format, the font size, text colour, and background colour you want.

“portrait“ format
landscape“ format

  Please note!
When selecting the landscape format, it may happen that the left margin is cut off in the view on this page. This is related to the design of this page. To view the whole graphic, please click on the preview graphic.Transparent background

Margin setting:
no display

font Size
px (7 to 14)

You can choose between different fonts. To be able to estimate the different fonts, there is a sample page at.

  Please note!
Not in all fonts, the Greek characters are available! Therefore, please check the result in advance when changing the font and selecting this language.

Typeface Italic

Important note! Italic font style is not available for the following fonts: Droid Sans, PTSans Narrow, Tillana

Size display of the graphical moon phase and the SOHO sun image:
Optionally, there is the possibility to preset the size specification of the graphical moon phase / Soho sun image with own values in pixels. In the standard the size representation takes place automatically depending on the selected font size.
Customize graphic with own values

px Pixels in width and height (specification must be between 50 and 300 pixels).

Color settings
text colour (Hexidezimal)    

background colour (Hexidezimal)    

Display transparent background instead of background color

So it would seem: The moon has risen

This is a sample container with the font color and background color you have selected. This allows you to check the different contrast between background color and text color.

Please note that you will need a modern browser with JavaScript enabled to select the colors.

If the color does not change after your selection, please use the "Show Preview" button.

Step 9 - Proposals / Newsletter for Innovations

I keep on working on the further improvement of this free service, and to enhance it by implementing additional useful functions.

Would you like to keep in touch with the current state of Moon-Tool and be informed on its latest innovations?

If so, drop me Kontakt@Der-Mond.de an Email with the reference "Moon-Tool - Newsletter. I will inform you about any changes and enhancements of the tool.and the associated service.

You you do decide not use the tool, e. g. because you find that it lacks certain options you require, deop me an Email via the contact form. I am always open to read your suggestions!



The following preview diagram is the result of your settings.
Note that the red frame of that preview is meant to indicate that it is a preview. This red frame will not appear on your homepage!.

Important: The graph shown here is reduced in case of insufficient width of the screen in the preview! To get an idea of ​​the right size, you can click Preview. This is then loaded into a new browser window as an individual image.

Das Homepagetool mit der aktuellen Mondphase u.v.m.

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