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The tool went live on July 2, 2021 and has been available to everyone free of charge since then.

To give you a small impression of the design possibilities, I have created a few small examples with a short description.

If you have any problems, suggestions or help regarding the service, please feel free to use the contact form.

Requirements and terms of use

  • This service is free and without advertising
  • You may use the service as often as you like on different sites and in your projects
  • The service may be used only for legal projects and websites
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  • Misuse or non-compliance with the terms of use will lead to exclusion
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  • The use is at your own risk
  • The "Privacy Notice" is accepted by you with the use of the tool

Regardless of this, if you like my project, I would be happy if you support it with a small donation for the operation and further development via PayPal (external link).

Step 1: Combination of cards for the starry sky

General overview of the starry sky (3)
Northern Starry Sky (4)
Eastern Starry Sky (5)
Southern starry sky (6)
Western starry sky (7)
Jupiters surface with GFR (8)
Jupiter with position of the moons (9)

Saturn with ring position and moons (10)
Position of mecury (11)
Position of venus (12)
Position of mars (13)
Position of jupiter (14)
Position of saturn (15)
Position of uranus (16)
Position of neptun (17)

Tip! Would you like to have the cards in a different order? No problem. After creating the source code, you can change the order in the URL with the "& cards" parameter. Simply put the numbers in a different order and separate them with a comma. The allocation of the numbers can be found above in brackets.

Step 2: Width of the star map

Please enter the width for each selected graphic. This may be between 500px and 2000px.


Step 3: Number of columns (optional)

If you have selected more than one map for graphical display, you can specify the number of columns to display star maps side by side.
If you select a star map, this value is ignored.

Number of columns: :

Important note! Please note that the maximum extension of the overall graphic is 2,000px. If the number of columns in combination with the width of the star map is greater than 2,000px, the number of columns will be corrected automatically.

Step 4: Basic data

Select a heading to be placed above the graphic. If the field is empty, it will not be taken into account.


Note ! You can only use letters, ciphers, spaces and hyphens for the headline. The maximum length of the headline is 60 characters.

Please select a language in which all texts in the tool are to be displayed

Sprache (Language):

Step 6 - Presentation

Settings for display, font size and colours

Labelling star charts
Display the name of each star map as a heading

font Size
px (7 to 14)

You can choose between different fonts. To be able to estimate the different fonts, there is a sample page at.

  Please note!
Not in all fonts, the Greek characters are available! Therefore, please check the result in advance when changing the font and selecting this language.

Typeface Italic

Important note! Italic font style is not available for the following fonts: Droid Sans, PTSans Narrow, Tillana

Transparent background and graphic format
Display transparent background instead of background color

Graphic format
JPEG (very small file size, good image quality)
PNG (transparent background possible, large file size)

Important note: When the transparent background is activated, the file format is automatically changed to PNG format (Portle Network Graphics). Only in this file format can the transparency be used. Please note that this setting makes the graphic many times larger than the jpeg format. If you do not want this, please remove the check mark for transparency and set the graphic format to jpeg (File Interchange Format).

Color settings
text colour (Hexidezimal)    

background colour (Hexidezimal)    

So it would seem: The moon has risen

This is a sample container with the font color and background color you have selected. This allows you to check the different contrast between background color and text color.

Please note that you will need a modern browser with JavaScript enabled to select the colors.

If the color does not change after your selection, please use the "Show Preview" button.



The following preview diagram is the result of your settings.

File size of the graphic: Please update

Important note on the display! The graphic displayed here will be reduced in size in the preview if the screen width is too small! To get an impression of the correct size, you can click on the preview. This will then be loaded in a new browser window as a separate graphic.


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